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Glass Strategies, a custom architectural art glass lamination & fabrication facility. Helping to bring your glass visions to life. From small to monumental.

Welcome to Glass Strategies, your premier destination for all things architectural art glass! Nestled in the heart of Ridgefield WA, our art glass fabrication studio is a hidden gem for glass enthusiasts and anyone seeking exquisite glass creations. With a passion for the artistry of glass, we have dedicated ourselves to working with our clients to craft the extraordinary. With our vast inhouse capabilities and our extensive network of glass recourses, there isn’t much that we cant do!
At Glass Strategies, we offer a diverse range of glass services, making us your one-stop shop for all things glass-related, from a simple glass accent piece for your home/office to over-the-top glass monuments and oversized architectural glass panels. We have worked with elite glass artists, designers, home owners and architects, having helped fabricate thousands of cutting-edge architectural art glass projects.
What sets us apart is our commitment to craftsmanship and creativity. We take pride in our attention to detail and our ability to create bespoke glass pieces that capture the essence of your imagination.  Glass Strategies is here to work closely with you to bring your vision to life.
Glass Strategies is where imagination meets craftsmanship. Step into our studio and let the magic of glass possibilities unfold before your eyes. Your journey into the world of pushing the limits of glass artistry starts here!

It gives me great pleasure to work with our clients to bring amazing ideas to life, that were just once scribbles on a napkin

Lance Bon. Owner.

Textured Glass

Custom kiln formed textured glass of all thicknesses and sizes. Available to be laminated in any combination of glass for aesthetics and to meet safety code.

UV Glass Bonding

Transparent and non-yellowing glass-glass edge bonding. The adhesive becomes very hard and is moisture resistant. It is very well suited for bonds inside bathrooms or for hot or cold food displays. We make custom frameless glass display cases and shelving of all sizes.

Liquid Lamination & Cold-Fusion

We safety laminate your textured kiln- formed/fused art glass/plate glass that can not be tempered to meet code. We also safety coat glass sconces, sculptures, and hand blown glass creations. we can also laminate combinations of glass together that cannot be fused in a kiln such as mirror or morropane to plate or art glass. (Cold-fusion)

Cold Working

The process of grinding, polishing, drilling, saw cutting, beveling and water jet cutting glass.

Custom Printed Glass

We have built relationships with some of the most talented and technologically advanced glass printers around and we can literally print any image you want onto glass as a stand alone panel or laminate it to a wide variety of glass/mirror types to create one of a kind looks for your project.

Glass and Mirror

We sell all sizes & thicknesses of glass and mirror, cut to order. This includes insulated units without frames.

Laminated Silks/Fabrics and Rice Paper

We can capture Silks/Fabrics and rice papers inbetween pieces of glass.

Custom Back~Painted Glass Backsplashes

Custom back painted glass backsplashes to order of virtual any color, pattern, or shape.

Custom Glass Etching & Sandblasting

We can do everything from a simple frost to deep carving to photo realistic etching of virtually any image or pattern.

Some of The Available

Kiln-Formed Textures

Bubble Glass

Tinted glass Colors

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